From a Human-Centered and Design-Driven perspective, I’ve created some guides and materials on topics such as Product Design Workflow, Product Development, and UX Research. Now you can check out most of them for free here.


I usually do a daily post on LinkedIn and eventually on Medium, with topics related to User Experience (UX), Design Systems, Innovation, Design Thinking, and many more, However, I’ll start to post here in my own blog from now.


I am a Design Thinking enthusiast and I like to share my knowledge with others through talks I’ve made over the last two years. Here you can find some of the materials for free, and use them to spread the word of Design Thinking to others.

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Hiring Juan Fernando Pacheco as BDM (Business Development Manager)

As a Business Development Manager, I am responsible for helping organizations obtain better brand recognition and financial growth. I’m in charge of coordinating with company executives and sales & marketing professionals to review current market trends in order to propose new business ideas that can improve revenue margins.

On the other hand, as a Business Development Manager often I am the first point of contact for a new potential client will have with your company when they are seeking information about what you offer. Also, I am responsible to respond to RFIs, RFQs, and/or RFPs and vendors, developing sales in territories that haven’t bought the company’s type of product line before.

Finally, as Business Development Manager I usually work closely with other Sales Representatives to identify and close new business deals or expand existing business opportunities. I also work directly with customers to help close deals when it’s needed, so I have a good set of customer service skills and a strong understanding of the company’s products and services.

And, what else I can do?

As a Business Development Manager, I must evaluate current sales performance and identify ways an organization can expand and grow in the market according to the business targets. Consequently, this role is ideal for me since I am self-motivated, goal-oriented, and commission-driven.

Although the responsibilities of a Business Development Manager may vary by industry, many day-to-day duties are uniform. Some of those may include:

  • Setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth
  • Researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives
  • Researching prospective accounts in target markets
  • Pursuing leads and moving them through the sales cycle
  • Developing quotes and proposals for prospective clients
  • Setting goals for the business development team and developing strategies to meet those goals
  • Training business development staff
  • Attending conferences and industry events

Responsibilities for Business Development Manager

  • Contacting potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings.
  • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives.
  • Researching organizations and individuals to find new opportunities.
  • Increasing the value of current customers while attracting new ones.
  • Finding and developing new markets and improving sales.
  • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events.
  • Developing quotes and proposals for clients.
  • Developing goals for the development team and business growth and ensuring they are met.
  • Maintain current client relationships and identify areas for potential clients
  • Contacting potential clients to establish a business relationship and meet with them
  • Develop new sales areas and improve sales through various methods
  • Research the latest in the business industry and create new opportunities to expand business
  • Collaborate with sales and design team to ensure requirements are met, such as sales numbers and profit goals
  • Train junior salespeople to improve sales goals and meet expectations
  • Strong understanding of company products or services as well as business position and competition to keep business competitive

Hiring Juan Fernando Pacheco as Design Manager

As a Design Manager, I can manage a design or graphics team based in customer and business goals, collaborate on projects with colleagues and partners, delegate tasks, and check projects for quality and consistency.


In addition, as a Design Manager, I usually collaborate with marketing, sales, and product engineer teams to check designs, and ensure messages land appropriately with customers and end-users.


On the other hand, I develop and implement successful design strategies by outlining how the design team will create the project’s deliverables

And, what else I can do?

I often manage and work with several designers and evaluate individual design deliverables alongside team performance, delivering critical feedback when necessary.

On the other hand, I am the kind of Design Manager who encourages team members throughout a project, working along and collaborating with other teams, often marketing and development teams, to ensure the product’s looks and presentation are enough good to accomplish end-users needs and business goals.

As part of my responsibilities, I usually introduce design-driven strategies to high management and speak to specific numbers and expected outcomes for the product, yes RoI is part of my business speech.

Once the design works are finalized, I usually recommend tracking and collecting product feedback by filtering through customer service responses, end-user interviews, and checking in with focus groups to get an overall picture of how well the design performs.

  • Assist in the development and training of the design and construction team.
  • Support the design team to disrupt, improve and evolve ways of working when it’s necessary.
  • Ensure all work areas meet quality, safety, and compliance standards.
  • Establish creative strategy, budgets, and schedules for key design projects.
  • Responsible for final construction project move-in and going live.
  • Operationalize and implement a standard system for design delivery.
  • Work seamlessly across organizational structures, partnering with marketing, product, and business leadership to develop holistic brand systems.
  • Manage the development and review of the quality and accuracy of large-scale project designs.
  • Establish department goals and objectives that support the strategic plan.
  • Partner with the site and product teams to ensure the brand is consistent across the customer journey.
  • Capture states, cases, and functional logic in partnership with the product and engineering team and ensure seamless execution.
  • Partner with product leaders to build and maintain relationships to develop a clear understanding of overall business and technology strategy wherein the design is a key part of what is delivered.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for design.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, including content developers, IT, senior management, internal business partners, and vendors.
  • Keep a pulse on the culture of product design, amongst designers (and design partners) to ensure designers are capable of doing their best work.
  • Provide reporting on the implementation of projects while in progress and upon completion.
  • Collaborate with product and marketing to educate on and maintain a cohesive brand.
  • Solve business challenges to improve the experience for prospects, customers, and staff.
  • Maintain established corporate brand standards and consistency of message across all published materials and media.

Juan Fernando Pacheco is open to work?

Yes, I am. And, if your company is searching for a Business Development Manager, Design Manager, Senior Design Director, or Senior Product Manager, I’m open to setting up a call and discussing it.

Please fill up the below form and I’ll reply back as soon as I can.

In progress

Currently, I’m working on two different ebooks with no release date defined yet, but if you want to have an update about it, please fill up the below form..

User Research Methods



“User Research” is one of the most significant aspects of designing an iconic user experience, just because this is the most affordable way for you, to know your users better, and understand their needs, expectations, and challenges they’re facing.

In this course, you will learn from Juan Fernando’s hand User Research and its methods in a detailed way.

Double Diamond Design Thinking



Double Diamond is the name of a Design Thinking process model popularized by the British Design Council in 2005. And during this time I achieved enough experience working with this methodology to share with others.

With this course, you should learn how to apply the process in a Design Thinking workshop to develop a new product or service or any creative request from scratch.

Social presence

I usually post on LinkedIn but additionally, I used to maintain a social presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. If you want to know more about my daily basis job please follow me on those social networks. Currently, I don’t have an open Facebook profile or YouTube channel either, but maybe in the future … who knows!

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